Day 8, 1:55 AM - Why pedicures cost so much
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What? That's it? Yes, somehow, I neglected to take any more pictures between the last one and this. I must have been pre-occupied with the never-ending downhill, the toe mashing that results from same, and the ever approaching prospect of taking these damned boots off for good! Actually, there weren't any more interesting scenes to capture, except perhaps the first sight of my car, but I dare say some of you will survive the bitter disappointment of not seeing a picture of that.

These are the same feet, after nearly 12 miles of downhill trudgery. Not a pretty site, but a durn sight better than they would have been without the tape and moleskin, and band-aids underneath. Just be thankful you weren't in Kern county when those boots came off... If you thought anthrax was bad...

Note: Those are not tan-lines.