Day 6, 1:23 PM - The dry Southern end of Simpson Meadow
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A little catch-up... Early this morning, I completed the usual morning rituals, using up the last of my little band-aids for what meager protection they might provide. I planned to walk the short distance from Cartridge Creek to Simpson Meadow and plan my next move at that point. My feet needed the break and besides, a notoriously evil section of the trail started from Simpson Meadow, and I planned on starting it (if I could do it at all) as early in the morning as possible.

I hobbled the 3 miles or so to the meadows and there, to my great relief, spotted two members of a CCC crew setting up a base camp! Maybe they'd have some medical supplies I could borrow. Just maybe...

Okay, yes. They did have supplies. Lots of moleskin, medical tape, band-aids... anything I might have needed. They also gave me a fresh nectarine and a liter of Gatorade! I couldn't believe my good fortune. With this single event my entire outlook turned around and I knew my problem was solved. Well, mitigated, at least, but it was no longer a problem... I was, as Dan Quayle would have said, a Happy Camper.

After mummifying my feet in medical armor I continued for another half mile to a really great campsite on the edge of the meadow, where it changes from lush green grasses and flowers to dry scrubby brush, as seen here.