Day 6                  
The dry tough scrub surrounding Simpson Meadow   Case Study: 6 days on the trail of Carlos Bandana   Layover days are for exploring. Across this meadow...
A mysterious foot bridge, a darkened thicket. There I find...   A witch's lair! Or maybe just a ranger's bear-proof shed.   Pushing further into the foliage reveals... another meadow.

I planned to make this day a very short hike, no more than 3 or 4 miles. That would take me to Simpson Meadow, where I hoped to meet someone, anyone, who might have some extra moleskin to spare. My feet were getting critical by the time I made it to the meadow, and I had no idea how I would be able take on the next and most grueling part of the trail the following day.

As I crossed the meadow, I came around a clump of trees and spotted, in the distance, a CCC crew supervisor setting up a new base camp! As I approached, I was greeted and asked how things were going, to which I replied, in fulsome detail. As luck would have it, I'd found a sympathetic ear and a huge cache of foot supplies! I was saved! The kind soul loaded me down with moleskin (the real stuff), Band-aids, and medical tape (and maybe a fresh nectarine and some Gatorade...). Life, in a matter of moments, had gone from desperate to wonderful.

I spent the rest of the day laundering, lounging, and larding it up for the brutal hike I would attempt in the dark of the morning.