Day 5, 2:56 PM - Fire haze hangs over a dry canyon
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This picture gives some idea of the terrain this trail covers. Much of it, as seen here, is dry and exposed. It probably wouldn't have mattered so much to me except for the foot problem. I remember quite vividly a moment when I was hiking in this area, trying to move my feet as little as possible within the boots as I walked, and suddenly experiencing a searing pain on the front of my left ankle. Thinking it was the sting of a bee (or maybe a red ant), I fell down and pulled off the boot as quickly as I could, but found no insect or thorn at work. A large blister on the front of the ankle (yes, that's a weird place for a blister to form) had just broken open and it was a tad sensitive somehow. The boot problem was becoming critical and I was starting to feel depressed.