Day 5, 2:01 PM - White water break by the Kings River
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I hiked the entire length of Lower Palisade Basin in only about 4 hours! I'm as surprised as anyone. Strangely, the pain in my feet may be motivating me to hike faster than I might have otherwise, as if to get this over with sooner. Looking back, I wish I'd taken longer...

Near the end of the lower basin, the John Muir trail cuts North but I cut South to follow the South Fork of the Kings River. By this time the moleskin (should have been called "holeskin") I'd applied in the morning had rubbed off, and my heels were starting to get that subtle branding-iron feeling you don't want to have. So at the first opportunity I pulled over and re-applied more of that lousy holeskin (what else could I do?). This turned out to be a nice little spot for a break, and I was quite tempted to jump in and wade around in this burbling brook.