Day 3, 6:11 PM - Din-din in the high Sierra
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Each evening, the same routine, so I might as well share it with you, gentle surfer. Dinner consisted of one of two types of dried soup mix, Curried Lentil or Vegetable Chowder. This was combined with a small amount of cous cous and shreds of beef jerky. On special occasions (such as, whenever possible) I would add a freshly picked wild onion. Maybe it was the water, maybe it was the looming spectre of starvation, but that "Sierra Slop" tasted as good as anything I can imagine. For some reason, I don't eat it now that I'm back home... If the mood struck, I might also make a desert of Instant Almond Paste! Oh boy! It's actually pretty durned good stuff, let me tell you. You can see the stove, the fuel bottle, the black water filter, and the bear-proof food container I'm sitting on. The fine for not using a bear container is $5,000 and the back-country rangers do check. Dig those granite counter-tops.