Day 3, 3:21 PM - Camp Number 3 at 11,000 ft
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It only took 2 hours to reach my camp for the night, or, put another way, I could only stand to walk for 2 hours before I said, in my best Pop-eye, "That's alls I can stands, I can't stands no more!" ...and threw down my burden in one-eyed dugeon. By some fortunate coincidence, that happened to be next to a perfect camp site by a lovely, crystal-clear "lake." After setting up the tent and writing my notes, I strolled over to the edge of this body of water and jumped in. The bottom was soft and gooshy, but not with moss or algae, it was deep oozy clay, and it felt GREAT on my battered tootsies. In that I idyllic setting I waded out into the middle where the water reached nearly to mid-thigh, warm and wonderful. Heaven.