Day 2                  
Why would someone get up at 6:20 AM after a hike like that?   To see this, of course. Window Peak.   Leaving Lower Paradise valley. Note the Sequoia fire haze.
Midway through Upper Paradise valley - Castle Domes.   You can't believe how good this looks when you're there.   Almost at the end of Paradise Valley and still gaining altitude.

For the life of me, I cannot remember why or how I got up by 6:20 in the morning, they way I felt the night before, but there I am, bleary-eyed but fully dressed. The morning ritual of oatmeal and tea prepared me for another day of elevation gain.

Moving up into Upper Paradise valley, the granite gets ever more impressive. Window Peak dominates the area for miles around, until Castle Domes come into view. It's hot, and it's arduous, but with views like this, you don't even feel it. It's a constant temptation to throw down the pack and scramble down from the trail into the pure, cold Wood's creek.